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Postpartum period begins immediately after childbirth and lasts from 1 to 3 years, so that the hormonal, emotional and physical changes  you experienced in pregnancy, are restored. If you are going through this phase, then Fit & Healthy Mama is the perfect program for you. It is a carefully designed exercise program. We help you reinstate or improve your fitness, strengthen your pelvic floor and your body in general, and relieve musculoskeletal and emotional pain.

Bringing Fitness and Wellness everywhere, including you all, while saving time and money! Experience live, interactive training / lessons from the comfort of your office, home or even your vacation with Domus Live Online. All of our live-streamed and on-demand courses and workouts are available 24 days a week and are run by top and certified fitness  teachers / trainers.

With mindfulness, life is in the present! Consciousness meditation brings you and your thoughts into the present, focusing on the emotions, thoughts, and senses you experience "now." Through breathing practices, imaginary pictures, muscle relaxation and awakening of the body and mind, meditation enhances clear thinking, keeping your brain healthy. So, it helps you manage chronic stress and chronic pain, and possibly reduce any drug addiction.

Obsessions and trends are unnecessary when it comes to nutrition . Our approach is simple and based on scientific research. So by assessing your lifestyle, we customize a personalized dietary plan to give you true results, that will keep you fit and healthy, while at the same time obtain the best desired body shape.

In a warm and clean environment, which houses 4 Reformers and 1 Tower, we apply both traditional and modern movement patterns of the Pilates method. Exercise programs are based on the proper use of breathing, the required alignment and coordination, and are designed to increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as improve posture, mobility, and balance. The courses are in the form of personal (1 person), semi-personal (2 people) or  of a small group (up to 4 people) providing you with either a mild strength training aiming to restore and reduce pain or an intense and quite demanding training- challenge even for high level athletes.

Exercise can relieve symptoms of anorexia, physical and mental fatigue, muscle aches, depression or anxiety, which often interfere with the daily lives of cancer patients and survivors. Based on the original scientific study of the Medical School of the University of Larissa - related to the exercise protocol "Breast Cancer Warriors" and nutrition in disease survivors - Eri Vavouraki designed a special exercise program exclusively for people with breast cancer, seeking to maintain or even improve the quality of their daily life. The program helps strengthen, stimulate the physical condition and increase self-esteem, so it is especially beneficial for patients during their treatment to help their body respond better to medication and reach a final cure. But also for those who have already won, and wish  to reduce the symptoms of fatigue that persist after the "battle". By adapting the training to your own level and to your personal needs, you enjoy the exceptional benefits of the program and manage to rebuild your health.

For you expectant mothers, Fit & Healthy Pregnancy is a fully updated, scientifically established and absolutely safe exercise program, during the important period of your pregnancy. The program combines a variety of exercises from modern methods and traditional systems (pilates, yoga and fitness in general). Its beneficial results in relieving the body of musculoskeletal pain and in improving the psychological mood of the pregnant woman, are evident. With full awareness, we guide you in performing the exercises that are safe for you, we protect you and help you stay strong and in shape, while enjoying the admirable changes of pregnancy.

We have lovingly created a program for all of you going through the 3rd age, to help you be independent, healthy, with a clear mind and to be physically and emotionally stimulated. Have fun, socialize and sway with music, through a variety of exercises aiming at increasing muscle strength, improving respiratory ability, balance and range of motion, and successfully coping with your daily activities.

By combining elements of kinesiology and exercise physiology and by carefully listening to your needs, we design a personalized program tailored to you. We help you achieve the fitness and health goals you have set, through a unique and enjoyable experience each and every time. The courses consist of 1 (personal) to 2 people (semi-personal) and we specialize in both healthy and clinical populations as well as athletes.


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