Exercise can relieve symptoms of anorexia, physical and mental fatigue, muscle aches, depression or anxiety, which often interfere with the daily lives of cancer patients and survivors.

Based on the original scientific study of the Medical School of the University of Larissa – related to the exercise protocol “Breast Cancer Warriors” and nutrition in disease survivors – Eri Vavouraki designed a special exercise program exclusively for people with breast cancer, seeking to maintain or even improve the quality of their daily life.

The program helps strengthen, stimulate the physical condition and increase self-esteem, so it is especially beneficial for patients during their treatment to help their body respond better to medication and reach a final cure. But also for those who have already won, and wish  to reduce the symptoms of fatigue that persist after the “battle”.

By adapting the training to your own level and to your personal needs, you enjoy the exceptional benefits of the program and manage to rebuild your health.


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